In the dark

Yaounde, CAMEROON, 2018

Eveline is President of the Cameroonian Committee for women with visual impairments. She lost her sight nine years during International Women day after drinking a glass of whisky while she was partying with her girls friends.

When she turned blind she lost everything,  her job, her friends, her partner. She now raises chickens for a living and facilitates workshops and trainings for women with visual impairments. 
Eveline Angonwi, 50 years old, is the President of the Cameroonian Committee of women with visual impairments. She went blind on the night of International Women's day nine years ago after drinking a glass of whisky while she was partying with her girl fr info
Before loosing her sight she used to work as an administrative assistance in an office. Among the different income generative activities that she has put in place such as cocoa butter making  and honey she also  raises chickens to sell them. Eveline has a info
Eveline, received this smart phone as a gift from a friend some time ago. Since then her life as a person with visual impairments, has completely changed. She uses her phone in voice control mode which allows her to read and write her emails, write projec info
Eveline is teaching her nice Odette, 26 years old, how to cook some dishes. Odette just got a job a few days ago to work for Eveline as her housekeeper. When Eveline is alone she cooks only simple dishes that do not require a lot time. She knows by heart info
Twice a week Eveline leaves her home to go and do the groceries. "This  is the most difficult thing to do as persons with visual impairments, she says. I don't have a guide so I go alone to the market". info
When she has do make change for her groceries  she always starts her shopping at Solange's boutique, a woman  who she trusts and who tells her the amount of money she has before she goes in other shops. info
When shopping alone Eveline has to rely on the trust of shop owners who tell her which bill to use. info
Eveline is getting dressed while her boyfriend Singe is laying on the bed. Singe is also blind, and works as a humanitarian  in an organisation that helps people with disabilities.  They have known each other for 4 years. Eveline taught him how to use the info
Like every other woman, Eveline takes great care of herself and has  a passion for clothes and high heels. She loves wearing nice dresses, combing her hair and putting on makeup. info
"I want to look nice as any other woman with sight would want to be. I used to be a role model for my children before going blind, now they admire me even more  for the great opportunities I was able to build" info
Eveline has set up a meeting with the mayor of the 7th district of Yaounde to discuss with him some project proposals. She is walking accompanied by her nice Odette and Quinta, a volunteer helper who comes to do some earrings for her from time to time. info
Eveline is hugging her youngest sister Fidelia who has a shop not far from her home. Fidelia,  who used to live in the north west region of the country,  has moved in Eveline's home recently to escape from the violence and troubles that have been hitting info
Eveline meets with the Mayor of Yaounde's 7th district, Mr Augustin Tamba, to discuss  a project proposal she has written to set up  income generating actives for people with visual impairments. info
Cocoa beans are grinded to make cocoa powder. After being mixed with hot water and put to boil, it produces an oil which solidifying becomes butter. info
Marie Madelaine is the training leader for the cocoa butter making workshop which is taking place at Eveline's home. In the picture she is coming out from a shop where the cocoa beans were grinded. Marie Madeleine has been blind since the age of five. Aft info
Beatrice, Mireille and Bernadette sitting in Eveline's living room  during the workshop. They are invited by the training leader to touch, smell and taste the cocoa beans before starting the process. info
Workshop's participants are invited to hold cocoa beans to feel its texture, smell and taste. info
The learning experience is taught in a multi-sensory way, smells, sounds, texture and taste, all are taken into account in the process at the same level. Quinta is volunteering during this workshop and assisting Marie Madeleine who is the training leader. info
Cocoa powder and hot water are mixed together and put to boil. While Beatrice is mixing Mirelle in the background is paying attention to any noise produced by the boiling of the oil that is obtained  during the cooking. info
After boiling for some time with water,  cocoa powder produces an oil which is then filtered and purified before being stored in a bottle. Once the oil cools down it solidifies and becomes cocoa butter. info
After going blind Eveline lost most of her friends. Only few stayed by her side but the relation couldn't stay at the same level, she says. Mireille, Beatrice, Martine, Bernadette, and Marie Madeleine became her family and are now part of her life. "I wan info
Bernadette, Mireille and Martine walking together   towards the closest taxi station after the workshop. info
Despite all difficulties and barriers  faced because of her condition she fells a stronger person.
"Thanks to Sightsavers and other partners I did a lot of workshops and trainings, I build my capacity, I met important people, without having this disabilit info
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